Q. I can't get the audio to play?
A. All the audio on HWND is encoded in Realplayer format (except the MP3s obviously!) so you'll need their player to makes things happen. You can download Realplayer from Real.com.

Q. Realplayer sucks, why isn't everything MP3?
A. Two reasons. Most importantly some of the material is hosted with the permission of the artist/copyright owner on the condition they are not made available for download as MP3. Secondly size is an issue. There's over 40Gb of material on the site at the moment, if it were all MP3 that would be more like 400Gb! The audio available is not meant to provide CD quality recordings as a substitute for buying vinyl or licenced MP3s.

Q. I'm not degrading myself by using Reaplayer so there
A. Furry muff. Grab yourself a Real Alterative here.

Q. Why are some of the tunes only 2 minute clips?
A. Again this is down to agreements with the artists/copyright owners. Better to have a clip of a tune to help you ID it than no tune at all!

Q. Can I have your Archive in MP3 format? Can you send me XYZ tune in MP3?
A. I do not keep MP3s of the tunes. Most have been encoded to Realplayer direct from vinyl from my own collection. HWND do not endorse file sharing of copyright protected material. So there.

Q. I'm looking for any mixes from XYZ venue/rave/club, can you help?
A. The Mixes Archive pretty much covers all the mixes I've got. Please visit and join the HWND Forum. There are 1000's of members who are more than happy to help you track down your obscure mixtapes.

Q. Can I have a decent rip of XYZ tape?
A. As with the tunes some of the mixes appear with the consent of the copyright holder, so no MP3s. Check the MP3s section for loads of my mixes along with a side order of Top Buzz sets.

Q. Have you got a Tracklisting for XYZ mix? What is XYZ tune in XYZ mix?
A. If the tracklist does not appear in the Tracklisting section then I probably haven't got it. If you want a tracklisting put together for you, or just want to know what a particular tune is, please visit and join the HWND Forum.

Q. I can't get the audio/video to work, any ideas?
A. Again, please visit and join the HWND Forum for almost immediate help and assistance from fellow users.

Q. Where can I order HWND Records from?
A. HWND Records are available exclusively from Hardcore Projektz. Worldwide shipping is available. Because I'm such a generous chap all HWND tunes are available as 320kbps MP3s for FREE in the MP3s section - but don't forget to buy the vinyl cause everyone knows what REAL DJs mix with!!

Q. What happened to everythingstartswithe.co.uk?
A. The site closed down in 2005. Fortunately Dene was more than happy for HWND to carry the torch and we are very happy to host 90% of the material featured on that well respected, and much missed site.

Q. Why is your guestbook in Dutch?
A. Don't ask. I've asked them to migrate it to their UK servers but no can do. There're so many entries now it seems a shame to ditch it for a new one. Personally I think it adds character :-S

Q. When are you adding new mixes/tunes?
A. You mean you've listened to everything on the site already? Fair play to you! I don't think there's much more I can add! I will try though, check the Updates page for all new additions.

Q. Can you help me ID a tune please? The one that goes da da da dee dee dum ha ha from 1991?
A. Always willing help out - but soundclips are usually a must. Best bet is to post them on the HWND Forum for everyone to have a crack at.

Q. What does HWND stand for?
A. Hardcore Will Never Die funnily enough.

Q. Can I contribute to hardcorewillneverdie.com?
A. Yes please! If you've got anything rave related that you'd like to share please get in touch by email.

Q. I can't login to the Forum
A. The forum is very temperamental (that's my excuse anyway) so please bear with it. When you do get in feel free to start a thread on the problems you're having which I can then ignore for a few weeks and not be able to fix when I do read it.

Q. The new layout looks sexy but I miss the old spinny-flashy site - can I still use it?
A. It's still there, at hardcorewillneverdie.com/Flash/index.html, but don't expect it all to work cause I won't be updating it anymore.

Q. Will there ever be a man who can swim faster than a shark?
Friday evenings are best for me.

If that doesn't help please get in touch by email