Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from www.hardcorewillneverdie.com!
Another massive update for you. A new Acid House section, with 160 tunes, flyers and exclusive content from Genesis promoter Wayne Anthony. A new MP3s section with over 150 mixes to download plus tunes from HWND Records. Another 104 mixes added too - many thanks to C McDougall for the Scottish sets. You might have noticed the site has been redesigned too - hope you like it!


It's been a long time...but I've finally got some time to add some new material to the site! For the time being you'll have to make do with a few tweaks to the History section and an updated Links page - but I've got around 200 mixes to add and a brand new Acid House section in the Archive to follow very shortly!


314 new mixes added. Many thanks to Double Drop for his contributions!


New videos (inc LTJ Bukem documentary and Top Buzz interview), 35 new Hardcore Breaks clips, details of the 4th release on HWND Records a new home for HWND Thursdays Radio Show and 384 new tracklistings!!



Check out the Archive section - over 160 hardcore breaks tunes for your listening pleasure. Massive shout to Roleback for his contributions!!! Lots more to come - label owners get in touch if your material isn't featured. Also check out the new "Future" section - banners/links to all the active labels (give me a shout if I've missed you) and Hardcore Breaks mixes (more to come plus MP3 downloads) I will be updating this section regularly, as often as tunes/mixes are available!



A long overdue update and fooking months in the making!!

900 new tunes added to the Archive - taking the total to 2,401!!

165 new Mixes added - many thanks to Whome, HWND & B2VOS for supporting my leeching!!

A brand new section for Video footage. The existing clips are topped up with over 40 "classic" rave music videos and the full-length documentaries Pump Up The Volume and All Junglists - A London Someting Dis

If that's not enough I'll be adding further audio in a few months when I've had the chance to rip some more vinyl!

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We've been nominated in the Best Website category

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HWND003 is now in stock at Hardcore Projektz - click the link to visit their site





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Two CDs featuring a mix of all the tunes by DJ ESP

1. Data Burst - eZeeJay - MP3 clip
2. Beat The Drums - DJ Bones - MP3 clip
3. Dark as Black - DJ Fav - MP3 clip
4. Energy Rush - eZeeJay - MP3 clip
5. Alpha Motion - DJ Nee - MP3 clip
6. Dont Need Nobody - Teknotic - MP3 clip
7. U Know da Score - Statix - MP3 clip
8. Let it hit em - eZeeJay - MP3 clip
9. Lost in Time - DJ Fav - MP3 clip
10. Core Control - eZeeJay - MP3 clip
11. The Shelter - DJ Bones - MP3 clip
12. El Bland E - DJ Fav - MP3 clip
13. The Edge of Darkness - eZeeJay - MP3 clip

contact ezeejay@hotmail.co.uk for more information/orders



To celebrate the hit counter on the mains site passing the 200,000 mark I've added over 2Gb of new audio to the site!

Over 250 audio clips - taking the total to 1,502
Over 100 new mixes - taking the total to 476

377 classic tunes with full audio, label scans and discog links
These are the cream of 91-94 tunage all in excellent condition starting at £4.99.

Top tunes include : Xtremity EP : Paradise Project : Subbase promos : F-Projects : DJ Business : Mars Needs Women (remix) : Nasty Habits : Rufige Cru : Rhythm Section : Production House : Loads of Top Buzz classics : Moving Shadow : Liquid Aliens : Basement Records : : White House : ADR : Brain : F-Project and many more!!

Click here for full listing including audio

58 old skool techno tunes - all starting at 1p - click here for full listing

68 old skool hardcore tunes - all starting at 1p - click here for full listing

100 tunes in one bundle starting at 1p - click here for full listing


First up, check out this forthcoming release on a new label called Mert Wax due for release in the next few weeks!

More hardcore bizniz with the announcement of HWND003 here, due for release in December. Sound clips coming in the next few days.


It's finally here!! HWND002 is now available!! Featuring 4 exclusive hardcore tracks and they're selling like hotcakes! Limited to 100 copies, you'd better be quick if you want one! Full details here. I'm starting work on our third release, so keep an eye on the Forum for more details.


A very special update this time around. HWND are pleased to now host material from the renowned website www.everythingstartswithe.co.uk. ESWE was one of the best known sites supporting the old skool scene until it closed down a few months ago. You'll notice the ESWE smiley popping up all over the site indicating their material.

The biggest addition is the Rave Timeline in the new History section. A truly informative insight into rave culture written by Dene of ESWE. From the early days of Acid House to Criminal Justice Bill, it picks out all the relevant dates featuring over 30 video clips, newspaper clippings and audio,a long with quotes from some of the scenes biggest names.

You'll also find a classic selection of 103 mixes from free parties, pirate radio stations and warehouse raves. I've added a few more myself which now takes the total to 360! ESWE flyer scans have also been added, now 437 in total including 2 new "Flyer Walls"


The eagerly awaited HWND002 is now available for Pre-Order, aiming for a release date in June.


HWND On Wax now updated with audio for our next release due in May. Unknowns finally sorted out, with a couple of new clips added. Radio now includes audio from previous shows. Thursday night on Battlestation is now offically the busiest night on the station!!!


Probably the biggest update since I launched HWND over 2 years ago! Another 359 tunes added to the Archive - that's 1,269 in total! Plus, another 71 full length set to the Mixes section - taking the total to 221!! PLUS - a brand new section, Flyers, with 247 full scans, fully searchable, including dates so you find out what was on where and when!! PLUS - a section dedicated to HWND on Wax where you'll find details of recent and forthcoming releases. So enjoy, over 300 hours of audio!!! Hardcore Will Never Die!!


It's finally here!! HWND001 is now available!! 6 months in the making, featuring 4 exclusive hardcore tracks from myself and DJ Nee - and they're selling like hotcakes! Limited to 100 copies, you'd better be quick if you want one! Full details here. I'm starting work on our second release, so keep an eye on the Forum for more details.


Happy New Year! To help get 2005 off to a hardcore start check out the Mixes for 30 new sets! Thanks to rswxite for his contribution. I'm also working on an update to the Archive - another 400 tunes coming soon! I've also added a search engine to the Tracklistings section and will be adding more listings shortly. If you'd like to donate any you might have knocking about on your PC please get in touch


2 new mixes added to HWND Presents :.: first up Serum (Dread/Penny Black) with a 93/94 mix, and Junglist Refugee with a mix spanning 91-94


They're finally here!! HWND T-shirts, skinnys and record bags are now available - check out the Shop for details!!


I've added another 40 mixes Archive Section, taking the total available to 118!! And thanks to tek the section is now fully searchable!

I've also added the following MP3s to the Members Section of the HWND Forum

DJ Ratty - Dance Planet - The Detonator 1993
Doc Scott - The Edge 1993
Stu Allen - Universe Mind Body & Soul 1992
Top Buzz - Amensia House - Book Of Love 1992

And this rarity - Top Buzz from 1995 featuring Mikey B on the dex

Top Buzz - Pandemonium 1995

And also the first MP3 from "HWND Presents", a rolling 93/94 mix from DJ Breakage

Hardcore to tha bone... ;-)


Great news! www.hardcorewillneverdie.com has just got bigger! Another 2Gb of webspace is now available for even more old skool bizniz!! First up check out the Mixes for some new additions to HWND Presents. 4 wicked mixes submitted by Nebkins, DJ Breakage, DJ Dayglo and Paul James, all well worth a listen! MP3s will follow shortly....


First mix added to HWND Presents in the Mixes section - DJ E.S.P. with a quality mix spanning 1992 to 1994
- wikked stuff!


Calling all bedroom DJs!! Do you want YOUR mix hosted on HWND.com? I've added a new section to Mixes, "HWND Presents", designed to help you get your mixes out to the masses. All mixes will be posted in Real format, but every month I'll offer one them as high quality MP3 download. If you've got a mix you'd like featured please get in touch and I'll let you know how!. And Blame's selection has finally been added to the Top Ten section! I've also updated my Wants list, and and 350+ tunes for trade


How's this for an update then?

Brand-spanking new Flash format
188 new tunes added to the Archive (taking the total available to 910!!!)
A new "Techno" section with 140 tunes
13 new mixes (that makes 76!!) from Carl Cox, Ratty, Slipmatt, Top Buzz, Hype and me, plus Nebula II's live set from Illusion (thanks joe)
A new "Top Ten" section - 2 Bad Mice, Nebula II, The Invisible Man and Mega Drive select their top all-time tunes (includes comments & discogs)
3 new photo galleries in the "Raving" section - Fantazia Donnington, Unverse Pleasure Planet & Universe Mind, Body & Soul (nice one DD)
Altern 8, DJ Crystl, Production House, White House Records added to the "Featured" section (now split into labels/artists)
All my Unknowns are updated, new trades and wants list added too...and a nice new "Site Map" in case you get lost

That's now over 150 hours of bonkers madness for ya!

Big shouts to joenebula, Si 2 Bad, Mr G, Steve (Mega Drive) & Tek for chipping in ;)

Hardcore WILL NEVER die


New links added...including this little baby....

"Beats 24-7 can pride ourselves by offering you only digitally sourced tracks, all recordings available on this site
are guaranteed to be sourced from the original masters and are all of a good high quality.

We use only the best diamond compact discs for our replication giving you the peace of mind that you
are receiving a quality recording of your favourite anthems"


3 new sets added to the Members Section of the HWND Forum...Top Buzz from Dreamscape 2, Slipmatt from Raindance 1990, and a darkside mix from me...all in MP3 format :)


I've added a new section to the Forum - for members only. You'll only be able to use the Members Section if you're registered with the HWND Forum - click here to join. Once inside you'll have access to the MP3 Archive, featuring all the tunes previously available as MP3 Of The Week on www.hardcorewillneverdie.com. I'll also be hosting classic sets in 128kps MP3 for downloading. Enjoy!


Normal service is resumed after a couple of weeks of eBay madness...the Foul Play VIP of Renegade Snares is this weeks' MP3. For those who've ordered mix CDs please bear with me, I've been swamped with auctions and will get round to replying to all your emails very shortly...


362 tunes now up and running on eBay, click here to check them out. Some serious classics up for grabs! This weeks' MP3 is a top tune from Guy Called Gerald...Money Honey...join the woman hunt..:)


Starting Wednesday 11th February I'll be listing 300+ classic old skool tunes on eBay. Some serious tunes up for grabs, all with sound clips and label scans. For full details on all the tunes visit the Shop. MP3 of The Week is one of the tracks from the sought-after Cats Whiskers EP, Dinky Dink...enjoy!


Another 5 mixes added...4 classic Top Buzz sets, and a tasty mix from Ellis Dee featuring Robbie Dee


Absolutely massive update this time round...112 new tunes added to the Archive taking the total to 722!! Another 13 full length sets added to the Mixes section, including the classic 5-DJ AWOL set from Ministry Of Sound featuring Darren Jay, Randall, Kenny Ken, Dr S Gachet, Micky "pussy-clart" Finn, MC Fearless and MC GQ...LIGHTAH!!! Unknowns updated too.

You might have noticed the Donations button on the home page, any contributions to the maintainance of hardcorewillneverdie.com are much appreciated. Each donation above £5 ($7.50 USD) will get a free CD, packed full of classic mixes from the site, in MP3 format.

Help keep this site alive!!


Hope you like the new layout. Any problems please get in touch. This weeks' MP3 is the sought-after original version of Dance In Eden by Release. I've also added a new section, Raving. STOP PRESS - another huge Archive update coming soon!!


New Years treats from HWND.com...the perfect way to see in an Old Skool New Year! Auld Lang Syne for MP3 of The Week, and the classic Top Buzz set from Fantazia New Years Eve in glorious MP3 to download! Have a good one!!


The classic Boomin Tunes Vol 1 is this week's MP3. I've also added a new mix recorded live on battlestationradio.net at the beginning of November, but you'll have to excuse the pissed presenter!! Wants list updated, and all my trades now have sound-clips


Cleared out the Unknowns section, everything left still needs to be ID'd!


Over 30,000 visitors since launch in November 2002...How things have changed over the last year...check my first attempt at the site here. With your support www.hardcorewillneverdie.com has become the biggest old skool site on the web, 610 full length tunes to listen to and download...and with the special Birthday update of 12 new mixes, now has 41 classic sets too. In all that's over 1GB of tuneage...over 100 hours worth of splendid old skool audio!!!
And to celebrate an excellent first year I've added another 12 classic sets to the mixes section... DJ Hype - Dreamscape 4 1992 DJ Phantasy/DJ SS - Fantazia Summertime 1992 DJ Ratty - Dance Planet (The Detonator) 1993 DJ Ratty - Fantazia NYE 1992 DJ Sy - Fantazia Summertime 1992 Easygroove - Fantazia NYE 1991 Easygroove - Obsession 3rd Dimension 1992 Jack Smooth - Obsession - Strings Of Life 1993 LTJ Bukem - Dreamscape 4 1992 LTJ Bukem - Obsession 3rd Dimension LTJ Bukem - Quest - Mashed 1994
Sasha - Universe Pleasure Planet 1992
Thanks for all your support and comments over the past year....makes it all worth while...Plenty more to come...and don't forget the hardcorewillneverdie.com radio show every Thursday night on www.battlestationradio.net


We're back!!! Domain regstration issues all sorted...HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE!!!!


another classic Top Buzz mix added, this time from Obsession 3rd Dimension. This weeks MP3 goes out to the man like bentleyboy....Just For You London..London..London..


Brand new section added the Archive. The Happy Hardcore section contains 90 of my favourite tracks from the early days of HH.


MASSIVE RESPECT DUE TO TEK!!! Thanks to his expertise the Archive now has a fully working database and Search Engine. You can find the tunes easier, and I don't have to update 100's of pages every time I want to add a tune!! I've died and gone to hardcore heaven!!!


I'm spoiling you this week!! Music Takes You is this week's MP3, the ORIGINAL one ;-)


Massive Archive update!! 89 new tunes added, taking the total tunage available to 520!!!


Bringing you the finest old skool every Thursday night, check the out the new hardcorewillneverdie.com Radio Show live on Battlestation Radio starting on 9th October!! It's gonna be HARDCORE!!!


Truly HUGE update this time around!! No less than 4 new mixes added...Ellis Dee and DJ Seduction, both from Fantazia New Years Eve 1992 (shite rave...but the TUNES!!!)...a 3 hour set from me, recorded live on Break Pirates filling in for the Monday Madness crew...and a 1991 stylee hardcore mix knocked up over the weekend. The HWND Forum is also up and running, so get registered now and help keep hardcore ALIVE!!!!


Mystery White - Tribal Junglism is this week's MP3...taken me ages to pick up the vinyl!!


Classic Rufige Cru for this week's MP3, Rollin Like Scottie, taken from Enforcers Vol 2


Check out the mixes section for another slice of classic underground bizniz...this time it's the turn of legendary London pirate radio station Fantasy FM, recorded live back in 1991. Resident DJs Spice and Transy-D rip up the airwaves in true old skool stylee...check out the ads, Ravers Phone Chat anyone?!?


The highlight of my hardcore year...Tasty Flange EP delivered to my door this morning...one of my most sought after tunes, kindly ripped as this weeks MP3!


Finally got off my lazy ass and updated my Wants, Trades and Unknowns. 49 new tunes to trade, gonna be tuff though cause my wants are getting more obscure by the day!. Cleared out the Id'd clips from the Unknown section and added a couple more for good measure


Classic Cool Hand Flex for this weeks MP3. In case you've missed any previous MP3s Of The Week click here for all previous offerings. If there's a tune you'd like to get your hands on drop me an email and I'll see what I can do...


House move over, bizniz as usual! This weeks MP3 is a tasty track from 1993, Dark Night by Dark Voice on Direct Current Records, special request for Kris Smith ;-)


Fookin' tune for this week's MP3...Feel The Energy by Blame. Rizzla, it's yours mate! The best hardcore piano track ever produced maybe?? Anyway, that's it for a few weeks...moved house...no broadband/cable for 3 weeks! Hold tight...HWND


Last update for a few weeks as I'm moving house. Just in case you missed it first time around, you'll find Doc Scott's set from his recent appearance on 1Xtra in the mixes section. 3 hours of classic tunage! Many thanks to tek for the recording.


Added a wicked Easygroove set to the mixes section. Not sure where it's from though, either Fantazia Second Sight or Summertime. I'm going with Second Sight for now, unless you know otherwise! You'll also find the Noise Factory classic "The Fire" is this week's MP3


93 stylee for this weeks MP3, Jack Horner in effect with Summer In The South...TUNE!!


The Lock Up-sampling Spirit Of Space EP by Release is this weeks MP3. There's another wicked tune on the other side, it'll be included in the next Archive update coming soon...


10,000 hits since launch in November!! Big up your chest!! Thanks to everyone using the site, and those who've passed on their praises. Hardcore Will Never Die...here's to 20,000!!! MP3 of The Week is the sought-after original version of Yes To Satan, played by the Buzz at Big Bad Head/Fantazia New Years Eve 1991.


Been meaning to add this mix for while, and finally got round to ripping it. Classic techno from Tanith & Producer from Universe Mind, Body & Soul. Both sets blew me away on the night and was the first time I'd ever heard full-on techno played at big rave...he's ruff, he's rugged, he's full of shit.....


A few of the B2VOS forum have been looking for this, so this weeks MP3 is Anthem by Globe and The Hardcore Massive.


Been buzzing off LTJ Bukem's set from Fantazia Showcase over the weekend so you've got the darkside classic Here Come The Drums as this week's MP3...lovin' it!!


DJ Fav - Tango Vs Basement mixes section. Another 75 minutes of darkness....


DJ Fav - Tom & Jerry Vs Reinforced added to the mixes section. 75 minutes of darkness....


Thanks to stuartJ for the Tango mix, recorded live at Dance Planet (Pure Energy) in 1993. The only mix I've heard with him DJing instead of PAing...as you can imagine the result is classic Tango darkside!!


Another massive update for the Archive. 125 new tunes added taking the total available online to 433!! Including the DJ mixes that's over 54 hours of hardcore dance music available on the site!! I've also added Shades Of Rhythm, Orca and Rhythm Section to the Featured section. Tune Of The Week has been replaced by MP3 Of The Week, giving you the chance to get your hands on classic tunes in high quality MP3.


It's been a busy weekend!! Check out the Shop for details of 150 tunes I'm selling on eBay, all with audio and label scans. I'm moving house in a few months and need to raise some cash sharpish!! Classic Top Buzz tunage up for grabs, as well as loads of other wicked choons. I'm also 90% through another huge update for the archive...wait for it...122 new tunes will be available as soon as I've finished coding the pages! 3 new artists will also be added to the Featured section too... ;-)


Wants/trades lists updated. All the tunes listed as trades will be posted on eBay at the end of April, with full audio and label scans. I'll update HWND.com when they're ready to go.


Top Buzz - Two Blacks & A Bubble Pt III added to the mixes section. Was originally a 90 min set but Fantazia decided to release it as only 60 mins?!? Madness!! If anyone's got a copy of the full set please get in touch


Cleared out all the ID'd clips from the unknowns section, still plenty left un-named though! Also updated the tape listings with new IDs and corrected the links for the ones still needed.


Guestbook added. Feel free to leave any requests/IDs/feedback about the site.


Managed to track down another one of my favorites sets (thanks badboy), so DJ Ratty from Obsession 3rd Dimension has been added to the mixes section along with another classic Top Buzz set, this time from the unforgetable Fantazia Summertime. I've also added flyers for all the mixes where possible. If you encounter any problems navigating the site please let me know, just switched server and I haven't had time to check all the links.


More classic Top Buzz bizbiz...Two Blacks & A Bubble Part II added to the mixes section.


...and another mix added to the mixes section. This time a 93/94 darkside I put together. This mix cost me my copy of 2 Bad Mice - Underworld. Got attacked by my cats cause I wouldn't feed 'em cause I was mixing...jumped up, knocked the ashtray off the shelf (which I caught!) and sent my sp**f flying across the decks....you wanna see the bl*m burn mate...and it fked up the mix...


Added another one of my favorite sets, Top Buzz from New Age @ The Eclipse from 1991...Mad P on top form!!


Respect to Abstract? who came up with the track listing for the Hype Yaman tape within 2 hours of posting the mix!! Nice one!!


Added one of the DJ Hype Yaman Studio
Tapes from 1993 to the mixes section, trademark scratch-a-thon from the master!


Archive updated with a browser for easier navigation.


Two new mixes added. Wicked sets from Universe Mind, Body & Soul. Need some help with the tracklist for Simon "Bassline" Smith though please! The Stu Allen set is one of my favorites, and I'll be adding the filthy Tanith set next week! Updated the Shop, more tunes for sale/trade, more wants!!


Hope you like the new layout!! If you're using a modem and are having problems with the site please let me know, I use Broadband so I'm not sure if download times will be affected by the update.


Another huge update to the Archive. 37 new tunes added featuring tracks from DJ SS, FBD Project, Tango, Cloud 9, Structural Damage, Freestyle & DJR, early Homegrown releases and many more! Total tunes now up to 309!
Full Archive Listing added to make navigation easier. Wants lists at the ready!


83 more tunes for sale/trade. I've also updated my wants list.


2 more mixes added, no Top Buzz this time though. Classic Grooverider and DJ Seduction sets!


2 new mixes added. The classic Two Blacks & A Bubble Part 1, and one of my own old skool studio tapes.


Top Buzz - Dance Planet (The Detonator) added to the mixes section.


New mixes section added! Listen to the classic Top Buzz set from Fantazia NYE 91, or a live 94 set from me! Loads more to come!!


I've cleaned up the unknowns section as I've picked up a few quality IDs this week..cheers Leo, DJ Destiny, Erik Kramer and Chris Rack... a few more tunes added to my wants list too. Should have the first of many mixes online in a couple of days, starting with a tape I found of me DJing at Shockwave in Cardiff back in '94!!


1993 Archive is sorted, with another 9 tunes added for good measure! 272 tunes so far ;-)


3 new Top Buzz sets added to the Tape Listings, and some new Unknowns.


Alrighty!! 1992 Archive is now working. Also updated with another 18 full length choons!! That's 116 in that section alone!! The rest should be working in a few days. I'll be starting a Featured section too, starting off with Top Buzz (no suprises!), Basement Records, Legend and Moving Shadow.


Critical Breaks & Ascension return to see in the new year with their first event of 2003 on Friday 7th February at the Emporium, High Street, Cardiff. The very best in Drum and Bass, Jungle and Oldskool Hardcore. Guesting for this event sees Urban Takeover's Aphrodite touch down for a two hour set. Check out the flyer/back


Sorted out the bandwidth problems so the Archive is back up and running. 1991 section is the first to be updated, 9 new tunes and streaming audio.


Unknowns updated - all clips are now available as streaming audio, and I've added another 14 unknowns. Creating RAM files for the Archive is a right pain in the arse but I've completed 1991 and should it be available in a few days.


I've found a new home for The Archive, but it means transferring 230 files from one server to another so it could be a week before it's ready. I'll also update it to include the option to stream the tunes as well as download.


The Arcive is temporarily unavailable due to Bandwith limitations. It's only been up and running for 2 weeks and I've already exceeded 3Gb in downloads!! This is obviously the most popular section so please bear with me. I will be upgrading my account to allow for the increased traffic.


Basement, Legend, Moving Shadow and Top Buzz added to Featured artists/labels.


Tape Listings are up-to-date, as are the Unknowns. Still working on the Flyers section, should be ready in a couple of weeks. The Links page is looking a bit sparse though. If you'd like your site to get a mention drop me an email with the details.


Finally finished the Archive! Now fully updated, featuring 233 classic hardcore tunage from back in the day. Keep coming back cause Iím updating every month.