I get loads of emails every week, and unfortunately haven't got time to answer them all in detail.
Before you get in touch please read below - these are the answers for the most common emails I receive.

Q. Can I have your Archive in MP3 format? Can you send me XYZ tune in MP3?
A. I do not keep MP3s of all the tunes. Most have been encoded to Realplayer direct from vinyl. Some of the audio on HWND is featured because the artists/copyright owners have allowed us to host their music on the condition we only use low-quality Realplayer. Please visit and join the HWND Forum as someone there might be able to hlep you.

Q. I'm looking for any mixes from XYZ venue/rave/club, can you help? Can I have a decent rip of XYZ tape?
A. The Mixes Archive pretty much covers all the mixes I've got. As with the individual tunes, MP3s are not available. Please visit and join the HWND Forum. There are 1,000's of members who are more than happy to help you track down your obscure mixtapes.

Q. Have you got a Tracklisting for XYZ mix? What is XYZ tune in XYZ mix?
A. If the tracklist does not appear in the Tracklisting section then I probably haven't got it. If you want a tracklisting put together for you, or just want to know what a particular tune is, please visit and join the HWND Forum.

Q. I can't get the audio/video to work, any ideas?
A. Again, please visit and join the HWND Forum for help and assistance from fellow users.

Q. Can I order HWND Records? When is so-and-so released?
A. The HWND Forum is updated daily with info about HWND Records and other old skool releases.

If that doesn't help please get in touch by email